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Regular or remote: maximise productivity wherever your office is

June 09 2020 By Rob Fedder rob fedder, remote working

As we navigate this strange new business landscape we find ourselves in, we're all looking for ways to optimise the way we work. The truth is, from now onwards, most people won't work exclusively from one location, and will need to find effective ways to move between working from a conventional office to working from home. At the beginning of lockd...

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5 ways to manage confidential documents when working from home

April 08 2020 By Rob Fedder rob fedder, remote working, work from home

Working from home is not a new trend exclusive to millennials, it's a practice essential for the survival of most businesses during these extraordinary times.  Just a quick glance at the internet reveals much inspiration and advice for the new work-from-home employee. There are articles about creating a dedicated workspace at home, following a nor...

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