About Us

World-class systems and technology

Cleardata is part of the Metrofile Group, a global leader in records and information management.

We use world-class systems and state-of-the-art cross-cutting technology to deliver superior on-site and off-site document destruction solutions to businesses across South Africa.

Our fully verified, end-to-end processes have been certified as exceeding the most stringent US and European standards, and are fully compliant with South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act.

We prioritise client confidentiality and as such our client service representatives are security checked, all office consoles are barcoded, all bins used for document transfer are locked, all documents are completely destroyed during shredding, and certificates of destruction confirming confidential destruction are issued on completion.

We offer:

  • Scheduled document shredding (monthly, bi-monthly and weekly)
  • Full-day shredding (up to 50 wheelie bins or 8 hours whichever comes first)
  • Once-off shredding on an ad-hoc basis (on-site or at a Cleardata facility)
  • Saturday and after-hours services on request
  • Documents can be dropped off at a Cleardata facility  

We are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment, and guarantee that 100% of all our shredded paper waste is recycled. In addition, we are fully compliant with the Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Reporting requirements of the King III Code of Corporate Conduct.