Joining forces for greater workplace efficiency

Our partnerships with key players in the documents services sector enable us to assist our clients in accessing an even greater suite of highly efficient document and records solutions.

These range from paper, digital and off-site filing solutions to complete organisational records and information management.

Such partnerships also allow us to further meet our environmental obligations, and assist our clients in doing so too, through green initiatives like recycling.

Global leader in records management

Cleardata is part of the Metrofile Group, a global leader in records and information management.

We are proud to partner with Metrofile in providing our clients with access to end-to-end solutions across the entire information management lifecycle.

These include records storage and management; backup records storage; digitally originating, signing, storing, retrieving and archiving content in secure digital form; software solutions; imaging services; and records management consulting.

Filing and archiving products for every sector

Along with Cleardata, Tidy Files is part of the global Metrofile Group.

Tidy Files is a leading provider of end-to-end document management and storage solutions in South Africa, providing customisable solutions for all industry sectors.

Through our partnership with Tidy Files, we are able to help our clients access world-class paper-based and electronic document and records management solutions.

These include a comprehensive range of paper-based filing products, including top retrieval and lateral filing systems; archive filing systems and bulk filers; electronic document filing and storage using e-Tracker; scanning and imaging; off-site storage solutions; and a cutting-edge digital filing system capable of turning raw customer data, on demand, into formatted, ready-to-use documents.