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Our Process Flow



Cleardata’s secure paper collection console is placed in a high-volume paper area in the work environment and used by staff to discard paper-based documentation. We recommend clients discard all paper in the console, as this prevents subjectivity in the disposal process and ensures 100% of your documentation is shredded and recycled.



The contents of the console are transferred to a locked wheelie bin in your offices. This ensures a secure chain of custody and is performed by our security screened Client Service Representatives. The documents remain untouched and are transferred to our mobile paper shredding vehicle – which is parked outside your premises.



Once the bin is raised by the automatic bin lifter, the contents are tipped into the paper shredding module. It is at this point that highly specialised steel blades shred your documents into unrecognizable paper shreds.



During paper collection, the Client Service Representative scans each bar-coded console. After the paper has been shredded, a Certificate of Destruction is printed and signed by the client and Cleardata. These are provided to all clients before departure from their site, with electronic versions uploaded to the client zone of our website.


Paper Recycling

The shredded paper is then delivered to a pre-screened and approved recycler, who ensures that 100% of your documents are fully recycled into a variety of paper-based products.

Cleardata is a national provider of secure, on and off-site document destruction solutions for corporates.

Headquartered in Gauteng, with regional offices and representation across all of South Africa’s provinces, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a complete solution with the delicate task of protecting sensitive client, staff and business information.

Our on-site and off-site destruction process.

Our on-site and off-site destruction process has been certified as exceeding the most stringent US and European standards, and results in a service that is fully compliant with the soon to be promulgated Protection of Personal Information Act.

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