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Why Cleardata?

Using office shredders is often a costly and unreliable solution.
Shredding your documents yourself is time consuming, and often resisted by employees,
while office shredders often jam and waste employees’ valuable time.

What would take an employee a full working day, Cleardata can shred in 15 minutes –
and when you factor maintenance costs and employee time,
shredding your documents yourself may be costing you more than you think.

Cross Cutting Technology

Certificate of Destruction for Confidential Destruction

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Confidential Information Destruction

Confidential Information that should be disposed of:

Mobile Shredding Vehicles

Our mobile shredding vehicles represent the latest in destruction technology, and are capable of destroying up to two tons of documents per hour. Our operations team are equipped with the latest PDA technology for container, volume and client signature capture purposes, while imported Bluetooth printing technology allows us to present each client with a Certificate of Secure and Confidential Destruction. These are all uploaded to the client zone on our website on a daily basis.

Confidential Information Destruction Vehicle
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