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What We Offer

Cleardata provides secure on-site and off-site document destruction or paper shredding services.

We replace the traditional cardboard recycling bins with Cleardata’s secure, locked containers, into which all office documentation is discarded.

Paper Shredding

The era of wasting time feeding sheet after sheet into a slow and unreliable shredder is over.

Just place your sensitive material into our locked security consoles, and leave the rest us. No sorting is required, no time wasted on removing bindings, staples and paper clips. Experience has shown that we’re able to save clients who perform their own shredding up to 30%, while providing them with a watertight control mechanism over the protection of personal information.

Why is it useful?

Using office shredders often is a costly and unreliable solution. Shredding your documents yourself is time consuming, and often resisted by employees, while office shredders often jam and waste employees’ valuable time.

What would take an employee a full working day, Cleardata can shred in 15 minutes – and when you factor maintenance costs and employee time, shredding your documents yourself may be costing you more than you think.

Paper Shredding
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