NEWS | Letter to all clients in regard to Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Letter to all clients in regard to Corona Virus (COVID-19)

March 23 2020 By Cleardata

With the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic and with increasing cases being reported worldwide, our greatest concern as Cleardata is to protect our customers and staff and to do our part to contain the spread of the virus as best we can whilst continuing to provide our customers with uninterrupted service.

Cleardata, its clients and suppliers have an important role to play in managing and mitigating the adverse impact the Covid-19 pandemic could have on our operations, collectively. Cleardata is committed to following the guidelines issued by the authorities, country government and World Health Organization. Cleardata has implemented certain measures with a view to limit the risk of exposure to its staff and customers to Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Some of the measures are as follows:

  1. Staff have completed a travel declaration on their travel since 1 January 2020. This is continuously reviewed and updated, where applicable.
  2. Employees who have travelled in countries where there is a risk, and who display any symptoms will be sent for the necessary medical testing and quarantine, if necessary, as directed by a medical professional.
  3. All non-essential business travel nationally and internationally has been postponed and employees are discouraged from personal travel.
  4. Training has been done to cover all knowledgeable aspects to Covid 19 and hygiene protocols to be followed.
  5. Posters have been placed in offices educating employees on these good hygiene practices.
  6. Hand sanitiser units will be made available to employees. These will also be placed in high traffic areas.
  7. Educating the staff on:
    1. Regular washing of hands with soap and water at a minimum of 20 seconds at a time.
    2. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
    3. Practice cough etiquette.
    4. Avoid contact with people that have acute respiratory tract infections.
    5. Avoid spitting in public.
    6. Identifying and reporting should a person show symptoms.
  8.  Drivers to use face masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizers and maintain good personal hygiene. For all collections or deliveries, Cleardata is taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Here are some changes:
    1. No contact delivery
    2. Hand sanitizers to be used before and after delivery
    3. Additional cleaning of vehicles
  9. Implementation of a BCP for Covid 19, which can be viewed at Cleardata premises. The BCP covers aspects, such as:
    1. Minimise health risks to employees
    2. Minimise the risk of the premises becoming a node of transmission.
    3. Ensure plans are in place should employees be quarantined or infected
    4. Ensure alternative arrangements with suppliers and customers so that business operations can continue.
    5. Review of insurance covers in place from a business continuity perspective
    6. Ensure compliance to any regulatory requirements

The BCP covers following key business operational risks, namely;

  1. Human resource management
  2. Processes and business functions
  3. Supplier and customer management
  4. Communications, both internal and external
  5.  Insurance requirements
  6.  Regulatory and compliance requirements

Lastly, I would like to assure you again, that in the event of any of our employees testing positive and who interface with our clients, Cleardata will communicate same to you. I thank you for your continued support, should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


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