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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleardata provides secure on-site and off-site document destruction or paper shredding services. We replace the traditional cardboard recycling bins with Cleardata’s secure, locked containers, into which all office documentation is discarded. In the case of our on-site service, our mobile shredding vehicles visit your offices on a predetermined schedule. Our client service representatives transfer the console contents into larger, secure containers, the contents of which are immediately destroyed on your premises in our vehicles. In the case of our off-site service, which is ideal for offices in more remote locations, the container contents are securely transported in sealed bags to the nearest Cleardata facility where they are shredded under secure conditions.

Cleardata’s on-site document destruction service is currently offered in the metropolitan areas and surrounds of the Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN and Free State Provinces. Off-site services are additionally offered to clients in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the North-West.

Every organization that possesses or has access to confidential information, such as payroll records, medical and financial records, and other personally identifiable information, needs to protect the privacy of its customers and employees. This is currently required by the privacy protection provisions of FICA, FAIS and the NCA. The Protection of Personal Information Bill, which will be enacted in 2013, will also enforce the responsible disposal all confidential information. Apart from the legal considerations, it simply makes good business sense to protect your innovative ideas, business plans and budgets from being available to the prying eyes of your competitors.

Using office shredders often is a costly and unreliable solution. Shredding your documents yourself is time consuming, and often resisted by employees, while office shredders often jam and waste employees’ valuable time. Cleardata can shred in 15 minutes what would take an employee a full working day – and when you factor maintenance costs and employee time, shredding your documents yourself may be costing you more than you think.

Cleardata’s focus is the destruction of all paper based documentation, allowing an organisation to standardise its document disposal practices. We focus on documentation that is usually thrown into recycling or refuse bins and could include:

  • Draft Financial Statements and Budgets
  • Business and Marketing Plans or Drafts thereof
  • R&D Documentation
  • Personnel Files
  • Payroll Records
  • Tax Records
  • Case Files and other Legal Documentation
  • Copies of customer information that are no longer required
  • Medical Records
  • Cancelled Cheques
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Credit Applications and other Financial Documentation

There is no need to sort papers or remove paper clips, staples, file folders or other bindings before shredding. These are comfortably dealt with by our shredding machinery.

Yes, you can witness the destruction process from the comfort of your own desk through our web-link available to all clients. Clients are also welcome to physically witness the process alongside our vehicles when an on-site destruction is being performed.

Cleardata’s service and collection times will be carefully tailored based to a site’s specific needs. All Cleardata’s bins are bar-coded, and over a period of time we establish a behaviour allowing us to tailor our collection schedule. We typically visit client locations two to three times per month.

Just call or email our customer service line and we’ll arrange for a collection as soon as possible.

Cleardata can accommodate any jobs, big or small, and we provide document shredding services to both residential and commercial customers.

100% of Cleardata’s shredded material is recycled into a variety of paper based products.

Please call our National Call Centre on 08000 SHRED for any further information.

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